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photo (1)Dad and I fished the Mille Lacs Tournament last weekend!  We arrived at Fisher’s resort on the west side to pre-fish on Thursday.  Please do yourself a favor and check out Fisher’s if you are headed up to the big pond.  They are set up as good as anyone to meet your needs, and they are family owned and run.  They will go out of their way to take care of you.

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If you look at the results you can see the “dead sea” is not so dead.  Teams were catching big fish and lots of them.  I also heard very very good reports from the action that is being provided for the launches and the evening cork fisherman.

Water temps. were climbing to the upper 50’s and will be up o the lower 60’s by Memorial Day Weekend.  These types of temps. have the bugs hatching on certain parts of the lake, which have the fish on the move.  We were still finding fish on the first breaks in 15-18 FOW dragging shiners on 1/8 oz jigs, but there were also a lot of big fish being taken on the mud as well.  We rigged the mud with leeches, crawling along at .3 to .5 mph.  We are on the front end of a great bite on the mud that will only get better and better over the course of the next few weeks.

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The tournament was pretty solid for us on Saturday, as we weighed 19.97 lbs.  We lost a fish due to bad picture, which left us with 17.97 lbs and 20th place.  The fish we were on during pre-fishing and day one did not cooperate on day two, and unfortunately we did not make good adjustments.  We won’t bother discussing day 2.  Something worth discussing is the format though.  We absolutely love the PRT format, and hats off to Mike and Renee for making the change.   Sorry about the lack of pictures from the actual tournament days, but we end up submitting the SD card and we never take the time to take additional pictures.  It is pretty important to get those fish back in the water as quickly as we are able.

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Thanks again for all that are supporting us this year.  Each and every one of you help us to put more fish in the boat.  In this tournament alone Contour Elite helped with the preparation, Tooth Tamer rods are as good as any when it comes to rigging, and with the higher winds on Sunday – Smooth Moves Seats literally helped us get around the lake without killing ourselves.  Please visit their websites to learn more by clicking on the icons you see along the right side of this page.

I am headed back to Mille Lacs this weekend for some leisure fishing with the family.  We are also planning to fish the MTT event on June 5th!

Tight Lines

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