2016 Shrimp Shack

new cabin 1Like anything Team Shrimpy started small.  Approximately 12 years ago we started our fishing operations out of a fish house on Mile Lacs.  We were stationed out of Barnachles Resort, followed by Castaways.  We used the fish house year round as our cabin.  I have very fond memories of that time because that is where it all started.  We spent several years there learning the Lake and enjoying the fact that we had a place to get away to.

We eventually out grew the fish house and purchased a cabin South of Garrison.  New cabin 14 We were learning to fish tournaments out of the Shrimp Shack and everything that goes into what it takes to stay competitive.  Again the place served us well for that part of our life, but we also were quickly realizing that we needed a bigger space.  As our children got bigger, the cabin we had grown to love seemed to be getting smaller.

I am writing this today because we have just signed a purchase agreement for the property you are seeing in pictures.  Our “home waters” will remain Mille Lacs, but we have a new central station for fishing operations.  Team Shrimpy and my family are starting a new chapter on 4.39 acres.  We have access to a smaller lake but are within minutes of the big pond.  I feel extremely blessed and I honestly believe it was meant to be.  I know for some this would not mean much, but to me it is HUGE!  We got extremely lucky to sell ours, find this one, and negotiate a deal that kept the property affordable for us.  I hope our luck continues right into the 2016 MTT Season!  I have a feeling this could be an epic year for us!  (19 days and it all begins)  I am more fired up this year because I have been busy selling, buying, and moving.  I have a few more weeks to wrap it up, but I will soon have my mind right for the Mille Lacs Tourney!  Time to get back to fishing!

New cabin 13 New cabin 12 New cabin 11 New cabin 10 New cabin 9 New cabin 8 new Cabin 7 new cabin 6 new cabin 5 new cabin 4 new cabin 3 new cabin 2


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